Tablets are often preferred more than mobiles as they are more usable to smartphones and are lighter than laptops and easy to carry around. With a tablet, it might be possible to get a better battery life than your smartphone that might extend beyond a full day of work. However, this wouldn’t happen if are careless about your tablet battery.
Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries are used in tablets and the longevity depends on various factors. Batteries give out at some point or the other. We at SKOPE offers tablet battery replacement services and we deal with tablets of all brands.

Signs Your Tablet Battery Needs Replacement

  • The tablet is dead meaning that it does not charge or shows light or anything else
  • The tablet shows power only when plugged in
  • The tablet dies out quickly within minutes of showing full charge
  • The tablet or the battery feels very hot when you charge your tablet
  • The battery has bulged out and this happens as the internal cells rupture

Services Offered

We at SKOPE offer battery replacement services and we make use of the best quality batteries that are sure to last long. We offer service at competitive market rates.